Rachel P
I came to Michigan Associates of Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine after meeting with a RE and discussing other things that I could be doing to help get pregnant. My husband and I decided that I should give acupuncture a try and we’re so glad that I did. I was introduced to Monica and from the very beginning she helped me understand what may be going on inside my body that had been so foreign to me throughout the process of infertility. She had me doing weekly acupuncture sessions as well as herbs/supplements and within 3 months I got pregnant naturally. I found that these sessions became a time when I got to focus solely on my well-being. Thank you Monica for all that you have done for me and my family.

I’d never tried acupuncture before seeing Monica Mae. I had such a soothing experience! It’s hard to believe that very tiny needles can help you feel relaxed and contribute to your wellbeing but that was my experience. I recommend Monica to all my friends and clients!

– Jill R.

I always feel better after meeting with the treatment providers. Eran is an outstanding massage therapist. He speaks to you about your concerns and needs before each session and knows just how to help relieve pain and stress. He is intuitive in his touch and knowledgeable about anatomy and physiology and its relation to energy flow. I highly recommend you try him. Julie Silver treats me with acupuncture, since I started seeing Julie 18 months ago my asthma symptoms are just about non existent. Even during this spring and summer I have not had to use my inhaler. Acupuncture has helped me with with all my lung problems.

– Katherine M.

Julie Silver…what a wonderful surprise not knowing what to expect, I was very skeptical. Having a problem for 10 months my doctors were at a loss on how to help me. A friend told me about Julie and after a few sessions not only did I start to feel better physically I have never felt so relaxed with feelings of well being. Julie seems to really care. She has since recommended other avenues of help that I would of never imagined. She has truly made a difference in my life.

– Bev G.

What a find. Debilitating migraines sent me to Julie and I could not be happier with results. My daughter also makes use of cranial sacral massage for migraines. Great office, great people. 5 out of 5!

– Gloria R.

I am a nursing student and I have always been interested in alternative medicine. It was my first time getting Acupuncture done and I was surprised of how relaxing it was. You barley feel the pokes and the actual poking of the needles only takes a couple minutes. Then you get to relax for 20mins with the needles in while your body releases all the bad stuff or finds its balance. You can’t feel them! You talk to the acupuncturist and you walk out feeling good, like normal. I went on with my day and actually worked 12 hours and felt fine, even with more energy! The place is very clean, calm and peaceful. I was offered tea and snacks when I arrived and before I left. I was treated very well. I recommended Acupuncture to anyone who wants to do it. You can be healthy or have an issue, regardless it’s a good experience. Monica is very well trained, educated and experienced. She has a beautiful presences and soft warm hands. Thank you.

– Jacqueline V.

They are a wonderful group of caring, knowledgable therapists. They have always taken time to review studies that pertain to my medical issues, and pass on the findings. I highly recommend them.

– Susan L.